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Weight Loss Program INR   2000 INR  2000

Weight Loss Program

This plan is one stop solution to achieve your desired weight loss goals ! A weight loss plan that works very well for all age groups and gender. It’s the signature plan from Diet Planet which has made many many Clients feel good, great and exciting about them. This plan is effective, simple to follow, with long lasting results, very close to your lifestyle and as well as close to mother Nature. This diet plan is a month long service with a unique concept of Total Fitness Program of Personalised Diet Consultation & Plan with a month long Lively Health Coaching for both Normal Individual’s, and also patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, thyroid, high BP, cholesterol, high stress levels. It's a "Total Fitness Program" with Personalized Diet Consultation & Diet Plan with Lively Health Coaching for healthy individual's and patients. This involves loosing weight in a very healthy manner. No starvation, fad diets or pills. Its basically eating the right food at the right time as per your routine, work pattern and activity levels. the aim is to reduce fat percentage and increase muscle mass through the right means. To know more about how things will work for you, share your enquiry in website and I will get in touch with you soon !

INR 2000 INR 2000


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